Katie Benway YerkesHello, fellow journeyers! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your soul’s journey. If you’re on this page, it’s likely that I’ve suggested you check out some helpful reading or a supplemental tool or resource, or have a visit with one of the gifted folks I have trusted on my own journey. Below you’ll find the tools, teachers, and resources I often reference in my sessions. Please know that I do not derive any benefit (financial or otherwise) from your accessing these resources. Rather, I endeavor to share with you the people and approaches I implicitly trust. I hope you’ll find them as inspirational, healing and thought-provoking as I have!


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Katie’s Blog: Notes from the Other Side

FAQ: Your Questions, Katie's Answers
I’m nervous. Is that normal? Yes. I take what I do seriously and I take great care to deliver messages accurately, gently and with compassion. It isn’t uncommon for people to feel nervous, especially prior to their first reading. I assure you that you’ll feel comfortable, safe, supported and loved.

What is a reading like? My aim is to ensure you’re comfortable, cared for and empowered at all times. I’ll begin by asking you if there are specific questions or topics you’d like to address and then I’ll ask your guides to come forward. Usually, a person has a few guides (sometimes spirit guides, sometimes loved ones who have passed) who come forward to help guide the reading. The reading is conversational and you’re welcome to ask questions at any time. I trust that your guides share with me what you’re ready to hear. Readings go deep, and focus extensively on your growth, healing and evolution as a human being and as a soul.

Is this safe? Yes. Before each reading, I set the intention that our experience, including the things your guides show me, are in your Highest and Best Honor. I also ask for divine protection from my spirit guides and the Archangels, to keep you and I clear, surrounded in light and divinely protected energetically. Finally, I clear the room after each reading so that the guides who came with you, leave with you.

Do I need to have questions prepared? This can be helpful, but it isn’t required. Some individuals come with specific situations or concerns to discuss, while others want to “see what happens.” Either approach is effective, so long as you’re open.

What is your space like? My space is comfortable and cozy. If it’s your style, you may take your shoes off, curl up with a blanket and get comfortable. The colors in the room are light and airy, in honor of the love and light we’re all surrounded by.

What do people on the other side look like? To me, the souls on the other side look like the human beings they were on the planet. Sometimes they show up younger or in another stage of life, some look the way they did at the end of their lives and others look different from how they looked when they passed. I can often tell how they passed or sometimes they’ll show me what they looked like at their passing, but the visuals are never gruesome or graphic. People on the other side will often show me physical traits (tall, curly hair, big smile, etc.) or personality/character traits (loud, funny, brooding, smart, etc.) that signal their identity. They also might present to me an aroma, color, feeling, symbol or something else designed to signify their presence. All of these symbols from the other side are meant to create specific, meaningful connections with you. 

What do you experience during my reading? I can see, feel, hear and smell things. Spirits often write out words for me or show me symbols, in order to convey larger messages. Sometimes, I feel what they feel or what you feel, in order to understand the depth or complexity of emotion. I always keep myself energetically clear and protected.

Do you believe in reincarnation? You bet! This is my framework, actually. I believe we are souls who choose to incarnate in human form, on this planet, (or in other forms, in other places in the Universe) to learn lessons and experience spiritual growth. Your past lives can be incredibly informative as they provide reflections of and guidance around lessons you’ve agreed to learn. Often, your past lives will become apparent during your reading.

If we identify something that needs healing, how do we do that? I have a few different methods that I prefer for bringing conscious what need to be honored, cleared and healed. Sometimes, a past life regression is necessary in order to find the source of trauma or suffering or a block; other times, I bring clients through a guided meditation clearing whereby we identify patterns, trauma, sub-consciously held beliefs or childhood conditioning and bring them conscious, allowing you to work with them and ultimately, shift or heal them. During a session, we might identify that something needs this kind of attention; if there is time, we may do the meditative work then. If there isn’t time, we’ll schedule another session to take the deep, meditative dive.

What topics do people usually want to know/talk about? Common topics/questions include: relationships, marriages, career, children, grandchildren, life’s crossroads, upcoming changes/shifts, the need to shift and move beyond a life-long destructive pattern, soul purpose (the “Why am I here?” question), connecting with loved ones who’ve passed away, past life times, why certain challenges or patterns persist in one’s life, unresolved grief/sadness/trauma, starseed/extraterrestrial origins, etc.

How It Works: The Spiritual Primer
There is always spiritual purpose in our Earthly experiences. Becoming open to this can provide transformational healing, growth, and peace.

The age-old question: Why are we here?
We are all born with a soul purpose: the reasons we have come to live this life on the Earth. We are here to learn lessons, put to rest karmic patterns, step into our power and voice, be responsible and accountable, contribute to the overall good and, ultimately, reflect the most vibrant version of our Authentic Selves.

It’s all on purpose: Family, friends, relationships, career, etc.
The events, dynamics, and relationships we experience are often related to our soul purpose and are important opportunities for growth, illumination, and evolution. From family and friends to work and career; from tragedies and triumphs to valleys of depression and peaks of euphoria; your experiences in this lifetime are deeply important and meaningful. Your soul asks you to acknowledge this and embrace the related learning, evolution, healing and growth.

Your Birthright: Unconditionally loving spiritual guidance
We all have spirit guides, gently and lovingly guiding our journey as souls incarnated in human bodies here on earth. These guides, including those not of this Earth (angels, for example) and those who have passed on before us (family members, for instance) are often anxious to be called upon by the individuals they guide, support and love. When they are called upon or invited to help, they enthusiastically and lovingly provide information and guidance.

The paradox: If we’re loved and guided, then why do we suffer?
As human beings on Earth, we experience events that leave us feeling confused, frustrated, angry, sad, lost or devastated. Tapping into the spiritual nature of these events – including how they came about and why – offers helpful insight into how to navigate these times, heal the wounds and take up lessons learned in order to live a full life. Ultimately, our spirit guides tell us that there is reason, purpose, and order in tragic, difficult or seemingly senseless circumstances.

How it comes together
Our spirit guides are very interested in helping us remember the agreements we made when incarnating into this lifetime. They want us to remember that we agreed to come to this planet and to have the human experience, in order to learn, grow, heal and evolve. They want us to remember our Soul Purpose and then acknowledge the abundance of Free Will in the Universe, so that we may embrace our experiences with faith and empowerment.

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