Live Spiritually.

Connect with your Soul.

Grow your Awareness.

Become more Conscious.

Fireside With The Soul

More than ever, we need our spiritual center.

We see our structures, systems, and society in crisis, wrestling to reappoint to magnetic north – to return to what’s true, what’s right, what’s sacred.

As the larger collective wrestles with its self-definition and engages in the process of reclaiming its Soul, you are urged – in a very personal way – to do the same.

To return to your magnetic north.

There is, in fact, nothing else for you to do.

If there’s anything the Universe teaches it’s that whatever is happening outside of you is meant to inspire you to look inside of you.

What happens around you is meant to remind you that, on this spiritual path, the work begins and ends with you.


These are intense times.


Intense times are when the learning is most important.

Itense times are when the opportunities to heal and transform are most potent.

Now, perhaps more than any other moment in your lifetime, you are meant to go deeply within.

You are invited to understand your inner landscape with new acuity, intention, and dedication.

You are asked to take responsibility for what you find there – and transform your life with it.

You have been brought to your knees so that you ask deep questions.

Questions whose answers prompt new self-exploration, self-understanding, and self-definition.

You are here, on this planet, at this time, to respond to this monumentally intense human experience spiritually.

To return to the Soul and use that sacred reconnection to purify, rebuild, and ignite your human heart.

This moment in time, if you let it, will lead you to your Soul and invite you to live, anew, from that place.


I created Fireside with the Soul to meet this moment.


Are you ready to…


*Listen more closely to your intuition and your Soul’s calling?

*Unearth and harness the courage to take that personal sacred guidance and make meaningful changes in your life?

*Discern what should stay and what should go?

*Build a relationship with your inner world, with your Higher Self, with your Soul and make that relationship the driving force in your life?

*Stop allowing forces outside of you dictate your path and self-worth and build an inner strength and awareness that you can rely upon and live from?

*Find your center and build a life congruent with it?


Let’s do it together.

*Six months: Next program starting late 2021

*Six 2-Hour Soul Fire Sessions

*Hours of Guided Meditations

*Live psychic coaching and personal feedback from Katie during monthly sessions

*Monthly Q & A videos to support you in between sessions

*Session Worksheets & Reflection Invitations

*Join one 2-hour Soul Fire Session per month. Live online via Zoom (or watch the replay).

*24-7 online program access. Find all Sessions, Guided Meditations, Session Worksheets, Reflection Invitations, Bonus Content, and other resources on your personal Homebase.

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“Everything she says makes sense”

“I love to hear Katie talk. Everything she says makes sense, is insightful and said with love and warmth and fierceness at times. She brings so much knowledge, experience and an open heartedness to the sessions.  Katie is so articulate when she talks, using great examples, experiences and like any great teacher tells us to be responsible and practice! LOVE IT! LOVE HER!” 


“Released me to relax and allow…”

“The heart meditations were so alive and revealed some important truths and rememberings. Having Katie hold the space to go in released me to relax into it and allow what was ready to come up to come up.”

S. S.

“Katie has a way of making a group experience very personal and private”

“This is the first time I’ve engaged with Katie and her work in a group setting. One-on-one sessions are of course tailored to my individual concerns and I love my personal time with Katie, but I found Fireside with the Soul just as rewarding.

It was wonderful, particularly because I gained insights from others’ experiences in the group setting. Katie has a way of making a group experience still very personal and private. I was able to access my own individual insights deeply.

While they differ slightly, both group and individual sessions are extremely valuable, reinforcing and complimenting each other in a powerful way.”


The Book

Moving together through my book, Ignite Your Intrepid Soul: A courageous home for your human heart, we’ll take time each step of the way to understand, explore, ask questions, and integrate powerful answers.

*If you need the book, you can grab that here. And no worries if you haven’t read the book in part or at all! We’ll be highlighting all the important parts along the way. There is no requirement to have read the book before we start and no requirement to read the book during the program. If you have any issues with getting your hands on the book, let us know!

The Fireside Guidebook


You’ll receive a hard copy Guidebook to chronicle your journey through the program. Containing Reflection Invitations, Session Worksheets, and pages for your own notes, the Guidebook will help you record your insights and ah-ha moments.

Our Work

Some teaching from me, lots of guided meditations, diving deeply into the bookQ & A sessions, and writing/reflection prompts. We’ll move chapter by chapter through the book, discussing Universal truths and themes, the journey of the Soul, intuition, spirit guides, coming into your power, how to work with the universal forces of change, surrender, and release and so much more.

Your Commitment

Show up (live and/or on the replays) with openness, curiosity, and a willingness to tell yourself the truth. Be ready to take personal responsibility – even when it’s challenging – and ready to grow your self-worth, self-care, and self-love. Come with curiosity and patience to our guided meditations, and be ready to receive deep, sacred, life-changing information from your Soul.

My Commitment

To show up and walk with you, facilitating the process, the conversation, and always leading with compassion and love. I’ll offer plenty for time for sharing, questions, and response during our monthly Soul Fire Sessions and send along extra guided meditations, comments, guidance, and videos as our work together develops.

Your Community

You’ll receive personal login credentials to join Fireside with the Soul, your personal Homebase on my website ( There, you’ll have 24-7 access to our monthly Soul Fire Sessions, supplemental guided meditations and teachings, Q & A, Soul Fire Worksheets, Reflection Invitations, and more.

Your Outcomes

You will be able to…

  • Return to your place of personal power

  • Access, nourish, and build a relationship with your Soul and its sacred essence
  • Connect more easily and clearly with your Spirit Guides
  • Locate, recognize, and work with your intuition
  • Identify and work with disruptive habits, narratives, and wounding

  • Heal long-standing patterns that previously held you back

  • Recognize when your Soul is talking to you

  • Understand and deploy the deeply valuable practice of personal responsibility
  • Find and harness places of deep courage within you
  • Make conscious choices in alignment with your Soul

  • Take action toward building a life that’s congruent with your Soul

  • Understand yourself, your human experiences, and your Soul’s path more fully
Join the Waitlist

To join our waitlist, please fill out the form:

Your Investment

  • 12 hours of Soul Fire Sessions

  • Hours of Guided Meditations

  • Spot readings and psychic coaching from Katie during Fireside Sessions

  • Monthly Q & A videos to support you in between sessions

  • Soul Fire Worksheets

  • Reflection Invitations

  • Additional insights, guidance, prompts, and guided meditations as our work evolves

  • Your own personal Fireside with the Soul Homebase offering 24/7 acess to all program content, including Session replays

"The program structure allowed me to see and feel...what was coming up for me"

I was able to build on each session. The space in between sessions allowed me to fully embody what was unearthed each month. The program structure allowed me to see and feel how I was moving through what was coming up for me each month.

Fireside with the Soul offers a unique opportunity to understand your soul's expression while being guided by a talented and kind psychic/medium. Katie is truly gifted. She clearly interprets messages from the guides, sharing their wisdom and teaching in a way that is inspiring and empowering.”


"Found parts of my soul..."

“I absolutely connected more deeply and found parts of my soul I have never allowed myself to know before.”


"A priceless gift!"

“I came to better understand my soul's expression and how to access it - a priceless gift!”