Ignite Your Intrepid Soul

A courageous home for your human heart

Welcome to the ride. Welcome to being human, on this planet, at this time. It’s wild, isn’t it? The human experience as we know it is messy and raw, high and low, beautiful and harsh all at the same time. And there has to be a purpose…right?


You’ve come here with the roadmap for that purpose, and it is contained within you. You’re here with the human tools and divine powers necessary to find what you’re looking for. You’ve traveled far and wide with friendly forces and loving guidance whispering in your ear and propelling your footsteps.

You’ve come here to remember and discover your Soul.

Your Soul reminds you that you are divinely held, always guided, and deeply loved. Your Soul is the truest thing about you and wants to anchor your human life within the knowledge that you are a spiritual being connected to something grand.

Ignite Your Intrepid Soul by Katie Benway will help you come into greater alignment with your Soul, clarifying the purpose of the human experience and empowering you to work with your human life in order to know your Soul.

Written by a psychic, medium, and certified life coach, based upon what she has witnessed and learned after ten years in practice and thousands of readings and healing sessions, Ignite Your Intrepid Soul offers you a sacred roadmap, inspirational calls to action, and nourishing reminders of your intrinsic spiritual nature and truth.

Your Soul is calling and your human heart is ready to find its home

This book and the author – Katie – are the real deal of all real deals when it comes to finding your path to true, lasting soul growth.

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