The power of your intuitive voice comes alive when it becomes a conversation that moves you, shifts you, and spurs action.
This conversation is the process of taking mystical, sacred, divine, and impossible to hold and translating it into something
practical, doable, relatable, and very possible to hold – Katie Benway

I’m working on something for the Fireside with the Soul group (if you missed it this time around, I’ll launch another one in a few months). This weekend, we’ll be talking about the Soul’s voice – intuition – and how to build a conversational, powerful, and sacred relationship with it.

Remember: Intuition is your birthright. You come into this life, in this human body, with it, fully in tact and available to you. It’s the conditioned human experience (fear, trauma, gender roles, pressure to conform to family structures, systems that rely on humans giving up their power and being obedient, etc.) that causes you to doubt that. Or question it. Or denounce it. Or hide it. Or toil within a life whereby you ignore your truth so that you’re safe or included or accepted.

If your intuition weren’t immensely powerful, why would so many humanly-created systems and structures exist to make you doubt it?

Listen to that voice. Consult that voice. Trust that voice.

It’s your Soul. 💕🔥

PS: This passage is from Chapter Two of my book, Ignite Your Intrepid Soul: A courageous home for your human heart. Calling out bullshit, offering compassion and love, and daring you to be ALIVE, one page at a time. 🙌💕🍁