In the midst of our lives; we must find the magic that make our Souls soar – Unknown

I was given a journal with this quote on it several months ago by one of my favs (🙌) and hadn’t quite yet found its purpose.

Until this evening!

Tonight I got into bed early and wrote and channeled and contemplated and received guidance about the journey I’ll begin this Sunday when I kick off the first-ever Fireside with the Soul program.

This little book will be the spot where I put all of the sacred guidance and divine directives I receive for our six-month soul journey. Some stuff will turn into writing prompts or guided meditations, other stuff will get baked impromptu-style into our monthly Soul Fire Sessions.

I’m just the messenger – your spirit guides are running this show!

I should share this, too…I remembered something tonight that I’d lost touch with: when you create a space for something new, not-yet-known, in faith and good intention, that space will be filled with not only what you hope for, but so much more. Just create the space. Have the courage and patience and faith to create the space.

Thanks to all of you who have hopped on the train for this new ride with me! Thanks for your faith and hope and intention. I can’t wait to fill this journal and our time with the brave and loving guidance coming our way!