Every next level of your life will demand a different you. 

Alright my loves, here we are.

I, just like you, feel unnerved, foggy, a bit freaked, disoriented, and looking for my center. So many of you have reached out to me asking for some guidance or insight about what’s happening right now. Thanks for being patient with me as I have found my bearings.

In our corner of the world, school has been cancelled for at least three weeks, my littlest guy is sick with a stomach bug (never have I been so relieved at a five-year-old with a stomach bug – I’ll take that over the alternative!), and of course, I’m working to transition all of you with scheduled appointments over to Zoom/phone (unless you want to reschedule for a later time and see me in person). And so many other things. Of course.

First: If you do have an appointment on the books for the next few weeks, I’ll be in touch with you shortly. I’m working through appointments day to day, week to week, so hang tight. If you already know you’re on board with converting your in-person session to Zoom or the phone – thank you! – shoot me an email indicating that and I’ll get us set up.

Second: How ’bout a Facebook Live tomorrow? Let’s talk about what’s happening through a spiritual lens: how to find your center, what this all means – globally and personally, how you might move through this while remaining in your power, how to work through some of the fear, trauma, and suffering this is kicking up, etc. I won’t do readings per say (this isn’t the time to ask for a personal message from Grandma on the other side), but you can ask any questions you have about what’s happening and I’ll do my best to work through them and help give you the insight, tools, love, light, support – and comic relief! – you need.

Straight talk. Empowering talk. Light and love talk. Though…I can’t promise I won’t swear. So, fair warning about that.

So let’s meet back here (or for those reading on Instagram or Twitter, meet me over on Facebook) tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 17, at 8pm EST.

Meanwhile, check out the heart-centered stuff happening all around you tonight. Look for the good stuff. Let this whole thing shift your mindset and re-frame your perspective.

I’ll see you tomorrow!

Love, Katie