These are the times we get to choose who and what we are. Who and what is real, truly real.
All of this is fleeting my friends.
What matter, ultimately, are the moments we’ve chosen goodness, compassion, and soul integrity.
The moments we’ve chosen to help fellow human beings, refusing to participate in fear structures and systems that demand we scapegoat, blame, and persecute the “other”.
The moments we bind instead of separate. We love instead of destroy.
Remember: Each of us is one incarnation away from our next experience. Perhaps one incarnation away from being that “other” these systems and structures malign. One incarnation away from experiencing whatever we’ve created or contributed to in his lifetime. We don’t get to walk away from all of this without becoming truly aware – the kind of awareness that builds real empathy and understanding- of what we’ve created.
This human stuff is theater – theater! – with the divine purpose of returning us to our souls. We are being shown, fundamentally, what is sustainable and what is not.
When we operate with empathy, deep integrity, personal responsibility, and goodness, we operate from the soul. When we do not, we have to learn it. Again and again.
Ask yourself: What could go away tomorrow? Be erased? Gone? In an instant? What could be taken from me or my life in one event or one phone call?
Then: What would I be left with? What would the sources of contentment, grounding, truth, and stability in my life? How would I know who I am without these things that could so easily be taken or erased? Who would I be without the fleeting trappings of my human life?
Ultimately: What have you stood for? How have you helped other human beings? Have you endeavored to live a life of personal responsibility and integrity? Have you learned and grown and changed based upon moments you were not responsible or in integrity?
Do you know how powerful you are and that you may choose, each moment, to do something good, loving, and restorative with that power?