Did you know that you have spirit guides with you, accompanying you during your lifetime?
Some are humans who’ve passed away, others are animal spirits steadfastly devoted to you, some are angels or higher level soul guides.
Each of us has a team. Each of us is loved. Each of us is guided, supported, and held.
You can (and are encouraged to) develop close, conversational relationships with your guides. Their language is musical, mystical, artistic, symbolic, natural.
Connecting with them asks you to loosen your attachment to your humanity and lean into the mysticism and mystery of the soul.
We meet and work with our spirit guides as part of our journey and work in Fireside with the Soul. The journey is conversational, meditative, visual, and energetic. And I’m with you every step of the way.
There are a handful of spots left if you’d like to join me. We start Sunday, May 23. You can join me live or on demand via session replays. Sign-ups close next Saturday. All the information you need is here: https://intrepideleven.com/fireside-with-soul/
(And I’ll send you this brand new hard copy Guidebook for your six-month journey!)