In the last several months, I’ve been really drawn to sound healing. Not to offer it as a service, but to receive it. Sound, frequency, vibration… I’m still learning and coming to understand how powerful these are. When I experience sound healing sessions and meditations, I am taken to other places and am thoroughly filled with peace, relief, support, and gentle knowing.
I find myself thinking: My gosh, how much we as humans get in the way of Universal order. We apply pressure and exhaustedly attempt to influence outcomes to our liking. We worry and fear and stress. We resist gentleness, flow, trust, faith, instead making ourselves in charge. We think we know better – whether those assertions are fearful or anxious, or rooted in hubris and lack of curiosity.
I do it, too. We all do.
Sound and vibration is an invitation for me to LET GO and be PART of an already beautifully ordered Universe. It’s all under control. My part is to reduce the clutter (on all levels) and get back to my true nature. To stop my personal contribution to chaos and instead hold steady in something much, much larger than me.
Remember: every mystical teacher, over the eons, has taught that the value of one aware, conscious, peaceful person is magnificent.