Setting and working with worthy intentions
You know what I love about intentions and intention-setting? It’s not onerous.
That is, you can set an intention – by stating it out loud or silently reciting it to yourself or writing it – and then let the intention do the work. There isn’t angst-filled heavy lifting. Or pesky human complication.
Intention-setting is graceful but grounded. Light and airy yet gravitational.
Intentions are most potent when you set them and *release* any attempt or need to control. They pack a punch when you *trust* Universal forces to work on your behalf.
After you’ve stated your intention and released the need to know or control how or when the intention will unfold, your job is to notice.
Notice and respond when the outcome – or evidence of the intention – shows up in your life.
When presented with a clear opportunity to make a new or different choice, shift your mindset, release an attachment, embrace with gratitude some good news or a positive development, disrupt an old pattern, or take action that’s aligned with the intention – do it. One step. Just what’s before you, what’s being presented. Do it.
Breathe, relax, release, and trust the intention. Respond when the Universe gets in touch about it. Then, return to release.
Working with intentions aligns you with your intrinsic power to navigate your life path responsively and soulfully, to know when and how to make change, and to move at a pace that is meaningful, grounded, and self-aware.