Ancient and indigenous cultures deeply embedded ritual and ceremony into their ways of life. As a means of honoring, reflecting, validating and then, signaling a preparedness to transform, these rituals and practices brought spiritual awareness to human life.
Lately I’ve come into deeper understanding about how necessary this way of living is. I suspect for our society, but at least, I am certain, for me.
So, I committed. I committed to creating ritual and ceremony in my life as a way to let the Universe and its grand forces know when I am ready to be changed. Transformed. When I accept death and its destruction with a faithfulness in the coming rebirth.
In my endeavor to create more ritual, I realized how much I’d been ignoring. Running from. Busy-ing myself past. I also spontaneously connected with a brand new regard for myself. I realize how proud I am of myself and how bravely I’ve lived my life.
I hadn’t noticed before – not in this kind of powerful, wait, I *did* it! kind of way. And that’s not ego; it’s integration. It’s an acceptance that so much has died or released – me right along with it – and in accepting the distinct honor and challenge of transformation, I found and polished parts of myself long cast aside.
I’m a newbie, really, as it relates to the profound and beautiful ways that ritual and ceremony are necessary elements of sacred living. But I’m committed. What I’ve experienced isn’t linear, it’s exponential.
I share this as an invitation and inspiration to you. I hope you’ll try it. Or deepen your practice. Or take a deep dive into some ancient way of honoring the stages of your life.
Practice letting the Universe know you’re ready to be transformed. It’s pure magic, I think.
PS: I’ve been so inspired to make these changes permanent that I’ve begun building a sacred space on my deck to sit, read, write, set intentions, burn small fires, and hold ritual and ceremony. This is the early Spring version – it’ll only grow as the weather warms! I’ll keep you posted!