You came here to remember your Soul and to love and value yourself so fiercely that you dare to live a life that reflects it – Katie Benway

This is a potent time to be alive. To be here, on this planet, in a human body, feeling and experiencing the tumult of rebirth – of a society, of a consciousness, of a shared experience. Of ourselves.

You can’t help but be reborn. It’s happening. It’s happening because you’re here right now. And this rebirth, if you let it, will reveal to you the best of you. It’ll show you endurance and steadfastness. It’ll show you your center and the quickest route to your own life force. It’ll show you what has served its purpose, what is over, what is complete. And because this is truly a rebirth, if you can ride those waves of truth and release, you’ll then find new insights, deep and freeing clarity, and a more authentic version of yourself.

This time is revealing to each of us what structures of support and guidance we have in place and where we need to bolster those structures and supports. We can’t do this alone. We need to go deep and we need the people who can accompany us to those depths, to sort through raw truths, to talk all the crazy woo-woo stuff through, and to offer intimate and loving witness. This time requires a supportive container so that we can safely go within and tend to our own rebirth.

I have been inspired and guided to be part of this evolutionary process and to show up and create a supportive container. If you’re looking for that place or you’re ready to go within and make sense of your own personal journey and process, check out Fireside with the Soul ( ).

It’s a six-month journey designed with your personal process and privacy in mind. We’ll go deep, ask questions, and plumb the depths.

I’m going to go live on Facebook tomorrow, Monday, September 14, at 2pm to answer questions and talk a bit about what Fireside with the Soul is all about. If you have questions or want to figure out if this is the next step for you, join me.