The Universe does this thing where it aligns you with people, thinks, and situations that match the energy you put out. The more you improve yourself and raise your vibration, the more you will see things that are beneficial to your well-being.

How are you staying in your power today?

Remember, this looks like: self-care, returning to what you can control, listening to your intuition, setting healthy boundaries (these days, especially, healthy boundaries with news and fearful information), and honoring the needs of your spirit.

A healthy, tended-to spirit is vitally important for each of us right now.

One day at a time – one hour at a time. Breathe. Check in with yourself.

What I did to stay in my power today:

1. Booked a call for Tuesday with my coach
2. Spent three hours outside at the park with my kids
3. Took a break from the news (I already do very little news but I need even less now to keep myself stable)
4. Plan to go to bed early because I’m tired from feeling the world’s energy

Here are some examples if you need help shifting your mindset during this pandemic:

I’m stuck at home — I get to be safe in my home and spend time with my family

I will get sick — I will self-isolate and wash my hands. This will significantly decrease my chances of getting sick

I will run out of items at home during self-isolation — I have prepared for this and will use my items wisely. I have everything I need for now

Everything is shutting down, I’m panicking — The most important places, such as medical centers, pharmacies, and grocery stores, remain open

There is too much uncertainty right now — While I can’t control the situation around me, I can control my actions. Doing breath work, calling loved ones, getting enough sleep, and proper nutrition, prayer, and doing activities I love at home will help me during this time.


What does your list look like?

Take good care.