This time is so important on our planet and for humanity, and the movement of the sun, moon, planets, and stars reinforce that. We are entering a very potent time astrologically, so I’m sharing a few versions of this story, from different astrologers.

As has been our theme this year, whether we like or not – whether we give ourselves over to it or not, it’s time to look within with a very discerning heart.

Who are you? What is true? What are we missing in our society and in ourselves? Where have we forgotten our spiritual nature and instead become wrapped up in the shadow of the human experience? What change is necessary, inside and out? How can we be the change we need in our society?

Remember the power of your thoughts and actions. Remember the profound power of personal choice and free will. Remember and visit your well of personal courage. Rest and engage in sacred self-care. Consider how you need to take care of and support yourself as you make changes to be a more conscious, awake, intentional human being.

Stripping away what is no longer true isn’t for the faint of heart. Leaving the places in our lives where we no longer belong – however difficult and grievous it feels to do so – is an exercise in self-love and spiritual courage. Accepting that your life might look simpler, less busy or complicated, even stripped-down and staying with that new reality will poke at you sometimes.

If you feel like it’s all changing, it is. If you feel like you’re in process and you know far more about what no longer belongs than you do about just where you’re going, you’re on the right path.

I’m sending you unending love, strength, and nurturing. 💕