Today was deck garden refresh day!
Geraniums, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, lavender, basil, strawberries, sunflower (a Mother’s Day gift from my older son), marigold (my little guy’s Mother’s Day gift), and hibiscus.
Just in time for Thursday’s solar eclipse.
This eclipse is connected to what was happening for you back in November and December (2020), so think back to then and note what themes you were dealing with. Also note what has emerged, resolved, released, or shifted around that theme since that time.
June 10 will find me doing a little ceremony with crystals and some intention-setting on my deck.
Remember: ritual, practice, and ceremony bring you present and empower you to take stock of your life.
You can’t heal what you don’t feel.
You cannot consciously direct your choices, mindset, and vision without excavating what’s been long buried inside of you.
Work with the abundant natural and mystical forces this week to pause and notice the part of your inner world you’ve been addressing since late last year.
Celebrate the triumphs, soothe what needs TLC, and commit to the next right step on the journey.