In order to understand, I destroyed myself – Fernando Pessoa

True personal transformation involves the destruction or “death” of old, outmoded, or unhealthy versions of us. Old patterns, habits, choices, ways of thinking, assumptions, internal narratives, ways of relating to people and the world, fears, doubts….these often live at the roots of what in our lives wants to be transformed. We get used to those things being there and often unconsciously allow them to influence, even dictate, our lives.

If something is falling away, consider that it might be time to let some previous version of you release or adjust. Consider that if you observe and allow what seems to be “dying” and open to what insight or awareness arrives in its place that you’re experiencing a rebirth.

The Universe is perpetually balancing, evolving, and marching us toward higher awareness. You can trust that. You can trust that when something “dies” it’s for the purpose of rebirth and evolution. This can sometimes be painful, grievous, terrifying. The key is to allow and surrender (with copious amounts of good self-care).