Sometimes, I find myself in one of those negative or down stretches. Like, when the sky and everything around me seems gray; or when I’ve watched or read too much negativity; or when people in my life, in the push-and-pull of our humanly journey, bring out things in me that I don’t like. When I’m in these places, I challenge myself to dig deep and walk the talk. After all, I spend most days endeavoring to contribute to others’ journeys of healing. So, I’ve found a little process that, for me, works nearly instantly that’d like to share with you.

This wonderful little intention was passed along to me recently. It’s particularly mind-opening and, if you give it a chance, clearing and healing. I’m don’t know who wrote this, but I’m grateful to whomever did!

All you need to do is take a deep breath, get grounded, open up your being, ask that what is in your Highest and Best Honor come to you and then read this aloud…

May I be open to new ways of looking at old wounds. Especially as they relate to my childhood, my home, my family and my efforts to recreate a loving space that holds me, nourishes me and where I feel I belong. I am allowed to feel like I belong. I am allowed to have a place to call home. I feel at home here. I am my home now.

May I be willing to approach my familiar fretting ways with a curiosity that helps me to consider why I might be in a particular pickle.

May I be conscious enough to realize that when I am trapped in an old fear, wrapped in its panic and at its whim that I am powerless over it. I have been besieged and I have forgotten to ask for help.

May I remember that I can ask for help.

I can ask for help from a power greater than myself. Nature can heal me. Meditating can heal me. Lighting a candle and saying “thank you” can heal me and so can saying “Please help me with this, I am not sure how to do it on my own. I need help carrying this. I cannot do it alone.”

I have a choice to react as I always have or I have the choice to get curious. Why this feeling? Why this reaction? Why this thought? What have I metaphorically stepped on and is there another way to dance with this demon? I know there is another way. A way that is kinder, gentler and simpler.

May I remember it now.

Let me know if this helps you or contributes to your shifting negative situations.