A few days ago, the woman in the car in front of me in the Dunkin’ drive through paid for my order. She asked the woman at the window to pass this card along to me, too.
When I got home, I was able to read the card and take in what this woman was doing: Spreading kindness and love in honor of someone she loved who had passed away.
To boot, she has these awesome cards to hand out!
I was so touched.
And reminded – of a truth that I have the privilege of knowing deeply and firsthand.
There is no better way to honor a loved one who has died than to HEAL, LOVE, and CREATE.
That is:
HEAL yourself and contribute to the healing of others.
Endeavor to more deeply understand LOVE and its expansive, unifying, universal power. This includes loving yourself as well as loving others.
CREATE an intentional space of living in your corner of the world. Live bravely and courageously; take leaps of faith and don’t run away from change; be curious about the universal and mystical forces in your life and commit to living, one step at a time, in greater congruence with them.
Most of all: allow the experience of death to inspire you to live – to create a life that honors the fleeting, changeable nature of the human experience. Live a life that is ALIVE – based in faith, not grown from fear.
My love and gratitude to the woman who not only handled my iced tea order (🙌🏼) but also chose to allow death to inspire both she and I to live more intentionally. To be ALIVE.