In my book, Ignite Your Intrepid Soul: A courageous home for your human heart, I include Messages From the Other Side.
Over the years and especially as I was writing, I collected these channeled messages from loved ones or higher-level spirit guides on the Other Side. They’re compiled in the book as sacred reminders for the reader.
This one is one of my absolute favorites. It’s so beautifully stated and powerful in its intent – there was no question it belonged in the book.
I remember when I received this message there was a real commitment, even urgency, around it. The intent of the guides was to help us humans understand that we often get in the way of really truly taking in day-to-day intuitive guidance.
We either assume we know better or seek to maintain control (that’s an illusion – we never are in control!) or forget that there is always – always – something larger going on. Or, we get caught in our self-worth traps and assume that we aren’t going to be helped or guided, or that things couldn’t possibly get better, or dreams won’t come true.
Ultimately, we must be aware of our egos and inner monologues if we are to get the most out of intuitive and spirit guidance.
We’ve got to believe we are worthy AND stay humble and curious about what we don’t know or are unaware of.
That middle ground – of welcoming sacred guidance because you’re worthy and loved – that’s the sweet spot.