About Katie Benway

Psychic counselor. Spiritual Healer. Compassionate Intuitive. Humble guide.

I’m Katie Benway and Intrepid Eleven represents my life’s work. It’s really a great thing – to know why I’m here and my soul’s purpose! I’m grateful for this clarity.

Katie Benway YerkesI’m here to use my natural, innate and lifelong psychic and mediumship abilities, along with my professional training and natural skill as a life coach, to provide insight, clarity, healing, love and light to people here and on the other side. My job is to do my part in moving our planet forward in love and unity. That job, I believe, is done when my clients and I come together to take a deep dive, doing meaningful healing work together.

My Work

As a psychic, medium and certified Life Coach, I provide thoughtful, deep, impactful sessions for my clients. I connect people with loved ones on the other side, bring to light karmic and past life patterns playing out in people’s lives and provide guidance, via telepathic connection, straight from divine. Some of my clients have called me a ‘psychic life coach,’ and I like that description of me the best because it pairs my truth (psychic/medium/coach) with my heart (a desire to making a loving contribution to others’ soul journeys).

I am sensitive to energy, thoughts, and intentions. I can, with your permission, see your deceased loved ones, your soul purpose, and your past lives. I can tell, with your permission, what’s bothering you and why. I can see larger, broader connections between karma and your life experiences. I can see clearly old patterns, belief systems, and conditioning holding you back and getting in your way.

I believe that the reason I’m so psychic and the reason I can see, hear and talk with those on the other side is to deliver clear, detailed messages – to people ready and willing to hear them – about what they need to acknowledge, heal and release. I am best when I am able to help, guide and facilitate self-awareness and healing for those who are open, curious and willing to be honest with themselves.

My Values

I feel the immense power of emotion and dedicate myself to maintaining appropriate and healthy energetic boundaries. I am aware that we are all One and part of a larger consciousness. Because of this, I believe I have a tremendous responsibility to be safe, clear and to do my own person work so that what comes through is in your Highest and Best Honor. I believe that we all deserve unconditional love and light. I believe in God, angels and spirit guides; and I believe each of us is a manifested piece of divinity.

The people who come to see me are ready to ask questions, receive answers, honor trauma or tragedy, find themselves, take back their power, reclaim their voices, understand their past life patterns, be accountable, discover (remember) where they came from and so much more. The people who come to see me inadvertently bring me gifts; I see and learn new things and am able to witness the beauty of the ah-ha moment.

I value personal responsibility, honesty, curiosity and a reverence for the sacredness of our souls.

My Journey

While my work focuses on the spiritual plane, the rest of my existence takes place right here on Earth. Prior to starting Intrepid Eleven in 2010, I had a mainstream career that included journalism, public relations, marketing and communications. I’ve seen and heard those on the other side for my entire life and vividly remember these connections early in my childhood. I’ve always been incredibly psychic and naturally understand people and their complexities.

It took me many years to find my own comfort level with who I am and a few more years to create a way of life, boundaries, and balance that allow me to fully be who I am.

I love what I do. It makes me feel whole, uplifted and joyful. I am honored to be part of my clients’ journeys, to “talk” to their loved ones and spirit guides and to make loving contributions to their journeys of self-awareness, healing, and growth.

I believe if you have been drawn here, there’s a reason. I’m humbled and honored to do, this work and I look forward to meeting you.